Ignatov talks about SS9

Alexey Ignatov (GAZ Raid Sport), “Today everything is fine. The stage is called “What is the Silk Way Rally without dirt?”. At least on the last day, at least a little bit, but the rain moistened the track, it became slippery, it became fun. The rivers have been unexpectedly deep today. Silk Way Rally tests the team for strength and endurance, and checks the crew. Finally, we reached the finish line and are pleased with the result. We had small mistakes during the rally, but in general we spent it very well. It’s difficult to find a pace that will allow you to go fast, but at the same time keep your vehicle, save your strength for the next day. The Silk Way Rally is a significant event for us, an indicator of the work of the crew and the entire team. What have we been able to change, to improve in a season, in a year? Because we try out some new solutions at the stages of the Russian Rally-Raid Championship, make structural changes to the vehicle, and the Silk Way Rally confirms whether we are on the right way or not. I think, we’re on right way.”