Vyazovich stopped on the track

Based on the geopositioning system data, Sergey Vyazovich’s crew stopped, and his MAZ-SPORTauto teammates came to his aid.

The first crew is at SS8 distance

The crew of Bogdan Karimov, who won the Tuck category yesterday, set off for the eighth selective section.


  • Date: July 12
  • Total distance: 492.12 km
  • SS: 314.08 km
  • Surface: 50% hard rocky soil, 20% roads with sharp stones, 30% open dunes. Stable after rains.
  • Altitude: 1,350—2,260 m

Ignatov talks about problems at SS7

Alexey Ignatov (GAZ Raid Sport), “It was not an easy day for us. At first everything was fine, we got to neutralization without any difficulties, went into the dunes. But, unfortunately, during one of the climbs our steering arm broke. We were left without steering control, the wheels moved in different directions. So we couldn’t continue moving. It took a very long time to figure out how to solve the problem using improvised means, but we didn’t lose hope until the very end. I really wanted to get to the finish line on my own. Through repeated trial and error, we found a solution, repaired the car, but given the loss of time, we were forced to leave the main rally track for hard roads and get to the finish line along them.”

Shaimukhametov talks about SS7

Azat Shaimukhametov, “It was a cool stage, we rode on the dunes. For the first time, I rode vertically down from a 10-story building. It was scary at first, but then it was ok. It’s very cool. It was a little difficult in places, but then you get into the rhythm.”

Karyakin talks about SS7

Sergey Karyakin (Snag Racing Team), “Our car didn’t work at the stage, the mixture was very hot. And at the liaison, apparently, it was heated up – the pipes on the turbine melted and something in the engine compartment too. As a result, the car caught fire, fortunately it was extinguished. We are lucky enough to have homologated fuel tanks.”

Crew No. 203 talks about SS7

Dmitry Okhotnikov, co-driver of Alexander Semenov (GAZ Raid Sport), “It’s a cool day, cool landscapes and it’s simply amazing that words can’t describe how big and tall the sands are! It’s just wow! Today we’ve got into the water and done some digging, but in general the day passed without incidents. Everything is fine, we are at the finish line, the car is intact, we are intact. The mood for tomorrow is the same, we will fight!”

Purevdorj talks about SS7

Murun Purevdorj (Team Mongolia), “I had a problem with my motorcycle – it got wet in the river, water got into the engine. I got stuck for about an hour and tried to figure out the problem, tried to get rid of the water, which took a while, but in the end I continued the rally. The track was good, the dunes were great. I try to attack and not to waste time.”

Loginov talks about SS7

Danil Loginov (Lion Racing Team), “The selective section was quite challenging. At the beginning there was a narrow but deep river. But in general I passed it without any particular difficulties. And then there were 40 kilometers of dunes. They were really steep, there were a lot of them. And tomorrow there will be 100 kilometers of dunes, so we are preparing for the next stage.”

Pavlenko talks about SS7

Oleg Pavlenko (Oleg Pavlenko MMK), “I started third. After ten kilometers the river spread into separate deep streams. Naumov helped the Mongolian rider pull out the motorcycle, but it would not start. I helped Naumov drain the water, then found a trajectory, accelerated and flew over the stream. I caught up with Naumov and rode with him for some time. The whole day was great, the dunes were cool. It was a lot of fun to ride them, and they continued and continued. I followed Naumov’s trail – I liked the trajectories he chose. Somewhere I lost track of him, followed the course myself, then found him again. And when the dunes ended, my strength began to leave. The sandy road was difficult. You want to relax, but you can’t. The canyon was very interesting – it was just a trial with cobblestones and rocks. I didn’t experience any problems, I liked the track, its relief and variety. In some places we visited the wild nature of Mongolia – it’s very cool. Everything is very beautiful.”

Purevdorj lost to Naumov more than 40 minutes

According to the online timing system, at SS7 Murun Purevdorj lost more than 40 minutes to Alexey Naumov.
In the Quad standings, Danil Loginov is ahead of Maxim Sdvizhkov for almost half an hour and is almost an hour ahead of Azat Shaimukhametov.
Of the G-Moto Challenge competitors, only Oleg Pavlenko has reached the finish line so far.

Semenov lost two and a half hours to Rudskoy

Alexander Semenov’s crew reached the finish line. According to the online timing system, the GAZ Raid Sport crew lost more than two and a half hours to Andrey Rudskoy.

Zhadanova talks about SS7

Ekaterina Zhadanova, “Today is a really cool selective section – 100 out of 100! There was everything and very interesting. The ford was very challenging. There the Mongolian rider lay down, Naumov stood. More guys arrived and found a way to “jump” the ford from bank to bank. I jumped over and moved on. I liked the very technical paths – both sandy and rocky. I need to keep everything under control. There was a minor breakdown: for some reason the pipe from the main tank leaked. The motorcycle stalled while moving. I cut the tube, tightened it with a clamp, and moved on. The dunes were very cool, I liked them. Especially those without grass. And the highlight at the end was the interesting canyon. The whole selective section faced me to work, it was very interesting.”