• Distance: total 595.40 km
    SS: A 162.50 km, B 267.26 km
  • Surface: 95% soil, 5% rocky roads

The competitors will find the longest challenge of the 13th edition — 427 competitive kilometers in three-dimensional landscapes with elevation changes. Drivers will see a variety of tracks — from rocky roads to snow-white chalk hills and steep ravines. The stage will be divided into two special stages, and the crews will have to be very careful not to be caught off guard by course changes.

Fans will be able to see the unique racing vehicles up close while passage through the streets of the city. Like last year the bivouac of the event will be located at the Volgograd Arena placed at the foot of Mamaev Kurgan.

Pavlenko’s device fitting plate fell off

Oleg Pavlenko, “My device fitting plate fell off due to vibration. At the first selective section I rode 50 kilometers to the finish line, holding it in my left hand so as not to break the wires. My task was to get there, check in, finish at the first selective section, and then I tied it with everything I could. Because of that I was late for the start of the second selective section by two minutes, but I passed it.”

Shcheglov talks about the Stage 6

Ilya Shcheglov (Doc_32), “Today was an extremely fast stage – I rode at a maximum speed 90% of the distance of both selective sections. There were no navigational difficulties. High speed is dangerous: any stone, unevenness, ravine can end the rally. But I’m satisfied with my result, I managed to overtake my main competitor, judging by the fact that he isn’t here. I did it at the first SS and, most likely, I will take the lead. I got caught in the rain, it was slippery for 10-15 kilometers on a motorcycle, but then I dried off.”

Motorcyclists and Quad bikers arrive at the finish line

Motorcyclists and Quad bikers arrive at the finish line

Ilya Shcheglov and Anatoly Kuznetsov, the leaders of Moto and Quad standings respectively, reached the finish line of SS6B. Oleg Pavlenko did it a little bit later, he set the second time, losing only to Ilya Shcheglov (who does not participate in the G-Moto Challenge).


1. Shcheglov (Husqvarna) – 1:28:42.
2. Pashchenko (Husqvarna) +7:43.
3. Khubbatullin (KTM) +8:11.

G-Moto Challenge:

1. Pavlenko (KTM)


1. Kuznetsov (Can-Am)
2. Loginov (Can-Am)
3. Gilemov (Yamaha)

Sukhovenko talks about problems at Stage 6

Evgeny Sukhovenko (LADA Sport ROSNEFT Raid), “The first stage went quite well, without any mistakes. Today we tried to save the car, drove around all the pits. The day was very fast, crews with more powerful engines felt more confident. There were also steering sections where we tried to have fun. But at the liaison between the selective sections, our car was a little bit capricious – it decided to show everyone its rear left axle shaft. We spent some time on repairs, we were 19-20 minutes late for the start of the second selective section and therefore we started in the back part of the field. As a result, we overtook the Turkmen crews, the GAZ, and someone else. The rest went okay, it was a fairly simple day – there was no complicated navigation, the roads were fast, the weather was comfortable. We even caught rain, but were upset because it was light – we wanted to slip. In general, everything is fine.”

T2 crews finished

Four T2 crews made it to the finish line, and Anton Melnikov, the leader of the general classification, set the best time. But his main pursuer – Leonid Petrov – has not yet reached the finish line of SS6B…

T2 at SS6B finish:

1. Melnikov (Toyota) – 1:20:06.
2. Danatarov (Nissan) +5:43.
3. Sukhovenko (LADA) +5:46.
4. Toylyyev (Nissan) +9:53.
5. Gurbanov (Nissan) +10:40.

Sycheva talks about Stage 6

Tatyana Sycheva (Xesha MotorSport), “The stage was well. Two selective sections went fast. I couldn’t see the road today. During braking something buzzes in a vehicle, there’s some kind of skirr – the mechanics will take a look.”

Melnikov talks about jumping over dam

The crew of Anton Melnikov was the first of the T2 competitors to reach the finish line.

Anton Melnikov (Podmoskovye), “I liked both selective sections very much. There were steering paths, where you can accelerate and the co-driver can think. In one place we outslept a little bit and jumped over the dam at a speed of more than 100 kph. It’s good that the field was level. We landed after 20 meters. So everything is fine. Closer to the finish line quads caught up with us, but in general we drove for our own pleasure. Everything is wonderful – the weather, and nature, and the tracks”.

Rusinov talks about Stage 6

Roman Rusinov (G-Drive Racing), “We thought that the belt was overheating, but we had a problem with a sensor. We caught up with KAMAZ, and the last 20 km, unfortunately, were very difficult, because you can’t see anything in the forest. There are bushes on both sides of the road, so the wind doesn’t blow off the dust, and beeping to KAMAZ 10 km before the finish line is a reckless thing. Both selective sections were interesting, but the second one was especially cool – fast, speedy, with a couple of traps. But I think we did well. The rally is still long – we will go further. The main thing is to carefully get to the finish line. I’m doing it and not disturbing anyone. In motorsports the main problem is that everything can end too quickly. The way up is too difficult way up, but you go down too fast. We are too cautious in terms of everything. I think we lost a lot of time on the first and second days, on the third one, when we got lost and punctured the wheel. So now trying to win 10 minutes back is the wrong concept, I think. But we will try.”

Kupriyanov talks about Stage 6 tracks

Sergey Kupriyanov (KAMAZ-Master), “The stage was with level, winding and fast tracks. Those who practice the classic rally felt at ease. In my opinion, we also drove well – there were no serious mistakes or oversights. The crew is happy with how we got to the finish line.”

Rusinov won two minutes back from Karyakin!

Roman Rusinov is at the finish of the second selective section, and the G-Drive Racing driver passed it two and a half minutes faster than Sergey Karyakin! These two drivers are in the lead in the SSV general classification.

SSV at SS6B finish:

1. Mordkovich – 1:13:38.
2. Nifontova +1:12.
3. Rusinov +1:44.
4. D. Cherkesov +2:14.
5. A. Cherkesov +2:40.
6. Karyakin +4:12.
7. Naishul +10:07.
8. Sycheva +10:27.
9. Frezorger +12:47.
10. Goloushkin +13:05.
11. Mironenko +14:12.
12. Novikov +14:37.

Sotnikov talks about Stage 6

Dmitry Sotnikov (KAMAZ-Master), “The second part was faster, and the first one was more interesting – there were places to think, to navigate. We tried to just drive and have fun. Somewhere there were gravel steering sections in a field – you can drive a truck as you like. It was a cool stage for those who love technical roads. Here everyone goes to full throttle, there are few places where it’s possible to cut, you have to literally collect seconds. I doubt that today the gaps are big. Silk Way Rally is always an intrigue until the very end, and this year anything is possible. The weather conditions didn’t bother us – now they can be viewed directly on the map, so we didn’t expect rain.”

Karyakin talks about problems at Stage 6

Sergey Karyakin (Snag Racing), “We decided to put an American reinforced belt before the selective section, which burst after 30 kilometers, because it turned out to be defective. Then we went over the speed limit.”

SSV crews finished

Three crews made it to the finish line of the second selective section of the day, and so far the best time is set by Dmitry Mordkovich. Anastasia Nifontova lost a minute and a quarter, and Sergey Karyakin – four and a half minutes.

We are waiting for Roman Rusinov at the finish line.

SSV at SS6B finish:

1. Mordkovich – 1:13:38.
2. Nifontova +1:12.
3. Karyakin +4:12.

Rudskoy talks about wheel problem

Andrey Rudskoy (NG-Energo), “Today at the liaison the rear left wheel unwound almost completely. We didn’t feel it at all – the asphalt was bad, the car was shaking, so we didn’t notice wheel vibrations. Thanks to Segrey Vyazovich – MAZ overtook us, gave a signal to stop – and we saw that almost all the nuts were unwound. If we had gone like that, the wheel would have been lost. The road was tough, very fast, steering, but in some places there were such pits, where we drove at 140–150 kph, but our car is soft. So today is a good day, we are lucky.”

Vasilyev talks about problems with transmission

Vladimir Vasilyev (VRT), “At the first selective section the gearbox broke down – there were only first and second gears, the rest were gone. We stopped: there was nothing to do, so we went further in second gear, at a speed of 60 kph. Probably, we lost much time. It’s good that there was a small liaison, during which our paths with the mechanics crossed, so their work was allowed. We changed the gearbox in 45 minutes, arrived at the start on time, started and even managed to win back some time. So today is a bad but heroic day.”

Karginov talks about Stage 6

Andrey Karginov (KAMAZ-master), “The selective section is speedy with winding paths and maximum speed. Everyone has driven fast, the gaps, I think, are minimal today. Any special stage, any surface is useful for the vehicle – you check the maximum speed, the crew checks their strength and reaction. The maximum speed of KAMAZ is 170 kph, but according to the rally-raids regulations, it is limited to 140, we cannot move faster. The selective section is good and dry, although looking at the clouds over Samara we prepared for the bad weather.”

Vasilyev won back part of lost time

The leaders of the T1 standings – Vladimir Vasilyev and Andrey Rudskoy – reached the finish line. And at the second selective section of the day Vasilyev won back part of 18 minutes lost at the first one – Rudskoy lost to Vasilyev 7:45.

T1 at SS6B finish:

1. Vasilyev (BMW) – 1:04:55.
2. Rudskoy (G-Force) +7:45.
3. Ignatov (GAZelle) +10:47.
4. Rusanov (GAZelle) +11:37.
5. Vavrenyuk (GAZ) +18:48.

Vyazovich talks about tactics of Truck standings leaders

Sergey Vyazovich (MAZ-SPORTauto), “We know that Vitaly Murylev got stuck somewhere. Both selective sections went very well for us. There were fast roads, not difficult navigation and maximum speed. It turned out to be a rest day if compared with others. We have a comfortable advantage, Andrey Karginov drove behind us, he can win back in our traces. But it’s okay, I think they’ll outpace us for a minute – it’s not much. There are still three days of the rally ahead, our task is to hold the position. There are no problems, we are confident both in ourselves, and in our truck. If necessary, we can accelerate, but for now we are going to hold the position.”

Nikolaev talks about SS6B

Eduard Nikolaev (KAMAZ-Master), “The main thing is that we are testing our truck. Of course the result is even more important, but today we’ve managed to try the truck at fast high-speed tracks. The vehicle has behaved excellent.”

Trucks at SS6B finish

Four trucks reached the finish line of the sixth stage second selective section, and Andrey Karginov set the best time. He is half a minute ahead of Dmitry Sotnikov. Sergey Vyazovich lost a minute to Karginov, and Eduard Nikolaev – one and a half minutes.

Trucks at SS6B finish:

1. Karginov (KAMAZ) – 1:09:08.
2. Sotnikov (KAMAZ) +0:33.
3. Vyazovich (MAZ) +1:08.
4. Nikolaev (KAMAZ) +1:32.

SS6B starts

Crews start at the second selective section of the sixth stage – SS6B.

T2 crews at SS6A finish

Four T2 crews reached the finish line, and the best time, according to the online monitoring system, is set by Anton Melnikov. Evgeny Sukhovenko lost almost four minutes, Maxatmyrat Danatarov –more than six, and Dmitry Voronov – more than nine.

We are waiting for Leonid Petrov at the finish line.

Т2 at SS6A finish:

1. Melnikov (Toyota) – 1:31:05.
2. Sukhovenko (LADA) +3:45.
3. Danatarov (Nissan) +6:09.
4. Voronov (LADA) +9:10.

Nifontova the fastest at SS6A

Anastasia Nifontova set the best time at SS6A in the SSV standings, 18 seconds ahead of Sergey Karyakin. Roman Rusinov, the main pursuer of Karyakin in the overall standings based on the results of five stages, scored the third result, losing a minute and a quarter to the Ural driver.

SSV at SS6A:

1. Nifontova – 1:23:38.
2. Karyakin +0:18.
3. Rusinov +1:32.
4. D. Cherkesov +1:37.
5. A. Cherkesov +3:43.
6. Naishul +6:57.
7. Sycheva +8:28.
8. Mordkovich +9:15.
9. Frezorger +12:28.

Vasilyev lost to Rudsky 18 minutes!

The T1 crews reached the SS6A finish line and Andrey Rudsky scored the best result, while Vladimir Vasilyev, the leader of the overall standings, lost almost 18 minutes. However, Vasilyev’s position in the general classification is not in danger.

T1 at SS6A finish:

1. Rudskoy (G-Force) – 1:22:32.
2. Ignatov (GAZelle) +3:49.
3. Vavrenyuk (GAZ) +6:50.
4. Rusanov (GAZelle) +8:37.
5. Vasilyev (BMW) +17:54.

First trucks at SS6A finish line

Four trucks reached the finish line of the first selective section of the sixth stage of the Silk Way Rally.

The best time is set by Andrey Karginov, who is ten seconds ahead of Dmitry Sotnikov and 18 seconds ahead of Sergey Vyazovich. Eduard Nikolaev, who started first among the T5 competitors, lost 43 seconds to Karginov. It’s an incredibly close competition!

Trucks at SS6A finish:

1. Karginov (KAMAZ) – 1:20:29.
2. Sotnikov (KAMAZ) +0:10.
3. Viazovich (MAZ) +0:18.
4. Nikolaev (KAMAZ) +0:43.

Murylev and Nayman lose time

According to spectators from the track, the crews of Vitaly Murylev (MAZ-SPORTauto) and Yuri Nayman (Ural MotorSport) stopped for repairs at the competitive distance about 25-30 kilometers from the start of the first selective section of the day.

Other crews overcome the distance, and some of them are already at SS finish line.


  • Distance: total 622.20 km
    SS: A 136.24 km, B 125.98 km
  • Surface: 100% soil

There are two selective sections at the stage. The route is laid along the fields, along agricultural “inconveniences”. The road surface is weather-dependent. The Road Book of the stage provides for frequent course changes, three-dimensional roads with descents and ascents in the floodplains of small rivers, and many gullies and ravines filled with water.

Motorcycle racers and quad bikers at SS5 finish line

G-MOTO Challenge:

1. Pavlenko (KTM) – 2:48:43.
2. Kalinin (Can-Am) +26:14.
3. Rudin (Voge) +44:10.

Moto standings:

1. Shcheglov (Husqvarna)
2. Khubbatullin (KTM)
3. Paschenko (Husqvarna)

Quad standings:

1. Gilemov (Yamaha)
2. Kuznetsov (Can-Am)
3. Loginov (Can-Am)

G-MOTO Challenge leader talks about SS5

Oleg Pavlenko, “The stage went well, I didn’t get lost, although sometimes I lost my direction in the steppe. Once my navigation failed, and I got lost, I couldn’t find a reference. At the speed limit zone I stopped several times to understand where I was. The selective section is beautiful, long, smells like wormwood somewhere. The track was hard and bumpy, but in some places it was softer. The terrain has changed, all my skills didn’t work here. The ravines are absolutely unexpected — in one place I just successfully jumped over it. Shortly before the finish line, I jumped and there was a pause in the air: what will happen next? I landed fine. Once a wasp flew into the helmet, I had to stop and shake it out. Yesterday a wasp stung me on the cheek, but not only me, many guys.”