Vasilyev completed SS1

Vladimir Vasilyev completed the first selective section of the 2023 Silk Way Rally!

Crew No. 201 time is 1:32:39. We are waiting for other rally competitors at the finish line.

“Congrats on the first start! Tracks are good, 140 kilometers, but they weren’t easy at all, along fields and ravines. I had to control myself on the first day, I had to get used to driving, but the selective section was challenging. There were no difficulties with the fords, but the grass somewhere was very slippery – you slow down, but the car, on the contrary, accelerates. But this is the first day, we felt and tried”, _ Vasilyev said. “It is very pleasant there are so many spectators here, like nowhere else – both at the ceremony the day before, and on the track.”

T3 crews at WP1

Dmitry Mordkovich in the T3 SSV reached the WP1 with a time of 53:53, while Anastasia Nifontova has a result of 55:25, and Sergey Karyakin – 54:40.

There is a very close battle in the SSV standings. We are waiting for the finish of the selective section.

Crews at WP1

The crew of Andrey Rudskoy and Dmitry Karpov is at WP1 – just over two minutes behind Vasilyev and Uperenko.

SS1. Positions at WP1

1. Vladimir Vasilyev (BMW T1) – 51:41.
2. Andrey Rudskoy (G-Force T1) +2:24.
3. Bogdan Vavrenyuk (GAZ T1) +11:20.

First crew at WP1

The first crew reached the WP1, and these are Vladimir Vasilyev and Oleg Uperenko, who covered 77 kilometers in 51 minutes 41 seconds.

We are waiting for other crews.

2023 Silk Way Rally. Text live

The Ceremonial Start of the 2023 International Silk Way Rally will be held on June 6.