Sotnikov talks about SS9

Dmitry Sotnikov (KAMAZ-Master), “We started behind Vyazovich, Andrey Karginov was ahead. At first it seemed to be dry and everything was fine, but after one ford we saw that Karginov was standing, stood with him, helped him changing the wheel – it was hard, we couldn’t lift the truck for a long time because it was very wet and dirty. We did it in 7-8 minutes, but we understood that we were wasting time. Then it began to rain, it became dirty, but at the same time dusty – strange weather. It was very slippery, but we just needed to get to the finish line. It was such a tricky short selective section that could change the entire table at the end of the rally. We are a little bit tired, we really want to sleep and rest. We will do an analysis and make the right conclusions, and we will be even stronger at the next competitions.”