Vyazovich talks about his historic victory

Sergey Vyazovich (MAZ-SPORTauto), “We are very happy to be here at the finish line. It’s a long way for us that lasted 13 years. For the first time MAZ took part in the Silk Way Rally in 2010, and today we have finally become the winners of this most difficult event in the most difficult weather conditions – it has started to rain. As always, we chose unconventional tactics and pushed hard on a slippery road. We have excellent grip, the tires work great, we didn’t slip anywhere, we didn’t make a mistake, we quickly caught up with Andrey Karginov at the 40th kilometer, passed him and kept a good pace until the very finish. I’m very grateful to my co-driver for the entire rally – he didn’t make any mistakes in navigation. This year tires brought us to the first place. I’m grateful for the oils provided by G-Energy, which worked throughout the rally together with the mobile laboratory, and, of course, to the Minsk Automobile Plant and all factory workers – I know how much they support and worry about us. We gave them great pleasure, MAZ turned out to be the fastest car in this rally and one of the fastest in the world. Representing the Republic of Belarus here is a great honor for us.”